In addition to spreading Franciscan joy and spirituality as an itinerant friar minstrel, Bro. Al continues to help grow and develop the Song and Spirit Institute for Peace, which he co-founded with Maggid Steve Klaper and artist Mary Gilhuly in Berkley, MI.

This award-winning ecumenical and interreligious project provides southeast Michigan (and beyond) with the means and opportunity to promote peace and reconciliation at the very grassroots level through the arts, music, study, organic gardening and community service.

Having founded the critically acclaimed and innovative Bicycle Cart ministry to serve the poor and homeless of downtown Detroit, Brother Al Mascia, OFM is now extending Franciscan hospitality beyond the inner-city to people in the Detroit tri-county region. Children and families in need, seniors, adults with developmental disabilities, and others will enjoy:

• Nutrition

• Literacy

• Art and Music Programs

• Health Education

  1. Cultural Enrichment, and more!

  2. Bro. Al and the Song and Spirit Institute for Peace will now navigate the reaching out to the underserved and those in need in more outlying regions. Assisted by volunteers of various religious beliefs, this emerging program of Song and Spirit will bring together people of diverse faiths and cultures for the common cause of community service, as we take the first important steps toward healing the world.

By donating here you are directly supporting Bro. Al’s ability to sustain and advance

his new obedience to ministry. All contributions are tax deductible.  Pace e Bene.

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