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Old Frog Quiet Pond

There comes a time amidst all the turmoil, disputes and general incivility when the best thing you can do is immerse yourself in nature which has its own wisdom! The title comes from another reflection of Thomas Merton!

The Traveler's Song

Inspired by an essay by mystic and monk Thomas Merton!

Boatman's Prayer

Inspired by the frank, honest and vivid poetry of Walt Whitman.


One songwriter's attempt to process and grapple with the coronavirus crisis. May we learn more from this whole experience than just good hygiene. Stay safe and healthy everybody!

October is a fine and dangerous month! 

This song is inspired by a most curious reflection of Thomas Merton. Here's my interpretation of that!

Civilize It!

A song actually inspired by a statement the United States Conference of Catholic

Bishops put out called "Civilize It". Encouraging us all, not just Catholics, to engage in respectful and civil discourse. Good counsel given the times we live in!


800 years ago St. Francis of Assisi met with the Sultan al-Malik-al-Kamil in the midst of the 5th Crusade. Officially they were supposed to be enemies, however both of them became friends!

Beatitudes Song In Hebrew 

How dangerous it is to forget the Jewishness of Jesus. So much antisemitism has been the consequence.

The Devil Is No Fool

Thomas Merton seemed to certainly believe in the Devil. Do you? I mean, just look at all of the confusion, division and mayhem our nation is experiencing right now. Just sayin'! So, here's my musical interpretation of his thoughts on this matter!

Maybe I'm Stronger Than I Think

Whether it's a personal tragedy or incomprehensible national crises; none of us need go it alone. We are here to help strengthen one another. So, let it be!

I Love My Job!

Inspired by a young man I got to know after years of doing my Mom's grocery shopping at the local Kroger. He took such delight in doing his job there which was collecting all of the shopping carts from the parking lot and to bring them back into the store. Delight needn't be a complicated matter!

Song Of Hope

Inspired by the poetry of John Keats. May we all not lose hope!

A Candle and an iPhone; how one friar shelters in place!

Text by Pope Francis I, from the encyclical, Laudato Si Adaptation and music by Hazzan Steve Klaper & Br. Al Mascia, OFM Song and Spirit Institute for Peace, Berkley, MI •

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