The FriarPlace

Check out my brand new Youtube Channel — The FriarPlace. It is is a virtual or cyber-setting "where" people can engage with a Franciscan Friar (Me) as together we explore music, the arts, mysticism, Franciscanism, religious imagination, rustic camping and Holy Newness!

Episode 1 will be ready for broadcast the first week of June, 2020. New episodes will be uploaded every week, so stay tuned! If you like what you see please share this channel with your friends and, -by all means-*-Subscribe-*! Another way you can help build this Channel is to "like" my musician's Facebook page at: I look forward to embarking on this new journey with you. Who knows what adventures lie ahead!

Peace and all Good! Brother Al, OFM

Where do we go from here?

One Franciscan Friar's take on what happened at our Nation's Capitol. "Whose Side is God On?"

A New Year, A New Song!

Last year is behind us as we face the future of a new one. Just a short little video where I share a brand new song I wrote for the occasion called: "One Times Square". I hope you enjoy it. Happy New Year everybody!

Hanukkah, a Skinny Santa and Some Wonders from the Road!

Thank God, I made it safely back to Michigan! In this video you'll hear about how I spent Thanksgiving weekend while still on the road as well as some of the surprises and wonders that came along for the ride! And, because it's still Hanukkah, I sing a little song I learned from my Jewish friends when I was a just a boy back in New York. Peace and all Good!

Episode 10 of The FriarPlace - The Al lHallow Tide Special!

Welcome to episode ten of the FriarPlace: The Halloween/AllHallowTide Special including some pretty exciting news! So please stay tuned till the very end.

Episode 9 - FriarPlace

The Labor Day Episode of The FriarPlace! How I almost died one Labor Day weekend!

The FriarPlace Episode 8: "Let's Face It!"

With more and more people wearing masks more and more of the time, it’s become harder than ever to read another person’s face!